Swindon’s 10 year waste strategy sets out the principles which the Council will use to guide any future decisions on managing Swindon’s waste.

The main aim of our strategy will be for Swindon to not only recycle as much as possible but also to reduce the amount of waste Swindon produces. We will be encouraging everyone in Swindon, whether they are residents, businesses or visitors, to play their part in achieving that aim.


We will also make sure the waste we do have to dispose of is processed in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

The objectives of our Waste Strategy are:

  • Place waste reduction at the heart of all services and communications with residents, businesses, and communities

  • Support and use innovations in recycling and disposal treatment technology

  • Lead by example by making sure the Council reduces waste where possible

  • Enable residents to recycle more of the household waste they generate by offering easy-to-use services and opportunities to recycle a wider range of materials

  • Make sure materials collected for recycling are dealt with in the best environmental way available

  • Take responsibility for Swindon’s waste, dealing with it as close to home as possible and making sure exports are dealt with responsibly

  • Work with local business to encourage greater waste reduction and recycling practices

How will we achieve it?



Provide residents with advice and guidance on how best to deal with waste and recycling

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Service Changes

Changes to collection services will encourage greater waste reduction and recycling as well as keeping costs down

Working with partners

Lead by example and use our influence in the local area to encourage local businesses and organisations to deal with their waste in line with our plans

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Every year an action plan will be created which will suggest new options for achieving our objectives based on the current scenario which will include factoring in changes to Swindon’s population, changes in Government policy, national and internatioal recycling markets and funding as well as many other factors.